Jessica DeWent

Jessica DeWent


Ran 25K multiple times with a fastest time of 2 hours 7 minutes.

2018 Spartan Race Trifecta!


AFAA Personal Training & Group Exercise Certifications.

Precision Nutrition Level 1.

About Coach

I have always been a very active individual from day 1. Growing up with a twin sister and two younger brothers, we loved running through the woods, climbing trees, riding bikes, horses, squads, and swimming in the pool on hot days. Throughout my school years, I played soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. Eventually joining the Track & Field and Cheer team in middle school. In high school, I focused most of my athletics on cheerleading, track and field. An injury brought Track & Field to a stop my freshman year and it took three years before I started to run again. In place of running, I started weight lifting those years to gain strength in my lower body to avoid additional injuries. This is when I found a love for weight lifting! After being very active for my entire life, I found myself turning to recreational running and weight lifting while in college. After college, I started participating in road races and Spartan Races (obstacle course races of various distances). You have to make fitness FUN! My competitive spirit leads me to sign up for multiple road races, including my favorite, the Fifth Third Riverbank 25K Run (now the Amway River Bank Run). I love to test my strength too which lead me to compete in multiple Spartan Races where if you cannot complete an obstacle you must do 30 Burpees as your penalty- I love Burpees so these races are perfect for my competitive spirit!!! You have to keep fitness FUN! Now with 2 little ones and my husband, we enjoy running together, hiking, and being outside in any way possible.

Turning Point

Graduating high school was a big turning point in life. My sports career was ending and the big question was "how am going to continue to be an athlete?" I continued exercising during college and this was when I re-found my love of running and lifting and it was a way to relieve the stress of school. Spartan Races and long road races were the ultimate test of endurance and strength - a perfect fit and a great way to keep me motivated to continue to stay active.

Motivation & Passion

I have always wanted to help guide people towards a healthy lifestyle, especially in the fitness field. Our bodies are built to move, you just have to find a movement you enjoy. Whether you are a former athlete or casual hiker or want to try something outside of your comfort zone, I am excited to help you reach those goals if you are willing to put in the effort.

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